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  • 连续剧:海角驚魂/天鹅人
  • 主角:Elisabeth Harnois,Grant Show,Samuel Page,Dina Meyer,Cameron Richardson
  • 分类:韩剧
  • 国家:
  • 上映:2005


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2005年韩剧连续剧《海角驚魂/天鹅人》详情介绍:All hell is about to break loose in a sleepy New Jersey town when a sudden violent storm washes in more than the tide in the new supernatural drama series POINT PLEASANT. “暴风雨袭击过后,恶魔冲破束缚降临宁静的新泽西小镇” 从主页上的预告片以及上周已经放出的第一集来看,诡异气氛果然引人入胜 可以看到,官方对此剧给出的定义是超自然剧情剧,也就就是说与我们大家 比较熟悉的Angel(黑暗天使)、Buffy The Vampire Slayer(捉鬼者芭菲) 的类型比较相似。 The peaceful existence of a small seaside community will change forever when Christina Nickson (Elisabeth Harnois) is rescued from the ocean by local lifeguard Jesse Parker (Sam Page) and brought to the home of local doctor Ben Kramer (Richard Burgi). The Kramers, including Ben's wife Meg (Susan Walters) and daughter Judy (Aubrey Dollar), take an instant liking to Christina and invite her to stay with them as she searches for clues to her past and attempts to find her mother – a Point Pleasant native whom Christina never knew. “一个海边小镇社区的安宁将永远被改变。一个叫Christina Nickson(Elisabeth Harnois) 的女孩儿被当地的海岸护卫队救援人员Jesse Parker(Sam Page)从海中救起并被 送到了医生Ben Kramer (Richard Burgi)的家中休养,Kramer一家, 包括妻子Meg以及女儿Judy立刻喜欢上了Christina并且邀请她在家里面住下 以便让她寻找关于过去经历的线索和她的母亲--一个Christina不曾了解的 波因特-普莱曾特镇居民。” 好心的一家人收留了落难的陌生人,好戏要开始了…… Christina is unaware of the profound effect she has on the town's inhabitants; her presence awakens repressed feelings, unlocks secret desires and heightens emotions. Tensions flare between Jesse, who finds himself inexplicably drawn to Christina, and his best friend Terry (Brent Weber), who secretly lusts after Jesse's possessive girlfriend Paula (Cameron Richardson). Paula's hot-to-trot mother Amber (Dina Meyer) attempts to rekindle her relationship with the good Dr. Kramer. And long-buried secrets kept by Jesse's parents, police captain Logan (Alex Carter) and God-fearing Sarah (Clare Carey), begin to surface, especially when the mysterious and charismatic Lucas Boyd (Grant Show) arrives and insinuates himself into Christina's new life. “Christina没有察觉到她对这个小镇居民的深刻影响;她的存在唤醒了被压抑的 感情,释放出秘密的欲望,让所有情感升温。Jesse和他最好的朋友Terry (Brent Weber)之间的关系开始紧张起来,他发现自己莫名的喜欢上了 Christina,而Terry则垂涎于Jesse占有欲极强的女友Paula(Cameron Richardson) Paula性感的母亲Amber(Dina Meyer)开始试着恢复和医生Kramer之间的关系。 Jesse的父母以及警官Logan(Alex Carter)、虔诚的教徒Sarah(Clare Carey) 之间深藏的秘密开始显现 当神秘、充满魅力的Lucas Boyd(Grant Show)来到小镇并且进入到Christina 的新生活之中后,Christina带来的种种影响更加明显起来。” 呵呵,忘了说了该剧同样也是一部十分养眼的青春剧,当然不能少了众多 美女帅哥,他们之间的关系也是符合青春剧的特点:),哈哈,还有秘密,悬疑。 As Christina delves deeper into the history of Point Pleasant, seeking answers to her mother's disappearance, she will come to realize that she has never known her "real" father, either – for Christina is the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil. While Christina struggles to control the demon inside her – and the powers that come with it – the fight for her soul has begun, as the town of POINT PLEASANT becomes the ultimate battleground of good versus evil. “在寻找母亲失踪的答案的过程中,随着Christina对小镇历史探寻的深入,她慢慢 意识到她还有一个不曾了解的‘真正’的父亲”,原来她是一个人类女人和恶魔诞生 的女儿,当Christina努力的控制着体内的恶魔和伴随着它的强大力量的时候, 争夺她灵魂的战斗开始了,这个POINT PLEASANT小镇成为了善恶势力战斗的 终极战场。” 哈,这是最吸引我的一部分,神秘强大的力量,人魔之争,善恶大战,希望能 真如这般精彩。 ============================================= 这部电视剧是由二十世纪福克斯电视制作公司制作,其中曾制作过 Angel、 Buffy The Vampire Slayer 的 Marti Noxon 担任执行制片人之一。 呵呵,有了将两部火爆supernatural drama拍得得心应手的制作人出马,这部 Point Pleasant相信一定会让喜欢这类题材的观众满意的。 目前该剧正在FOX电视台播出, 1月19日周三晚放出了第一集, 20日周四晚最新播出了第二集 以后将在每周四晚上9点钟播出(也就是紧随TheOC橘子郡男孩播出)



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